Limpot Coil Reactor

Limpot Coil Reactor

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Limpot Coil Reactor

Effective to control the temperature of reactants, Limpet coil reactor vessels utilize heating / cooling media circulated through the coils which surround the primary vessel. They are appropriate for medium heat transfer demands & heating applications. The temperature of heating media is above 150 Centigrade (302 Fahrenheit). The coils are half-piped-welded on the main vessel's outside. The reactors can be manufactured as per required specifications.

Benefits of Limpet Coil Reactor:

  • Perfect for heating / cooling of reactants.
  • Suited for high temperature (Above 150 °C).
  • Capacity: 500 Liters to 60,000 Liters.
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316, or Carbon Steel.
  • Double coil design for heating / cooling in one reactor.
  • GMP range equipments for Pharmaceutical applications.
  • Special Argon & Arc welding procedures.
  • Agitator design to meet viscosity & density of reactants.
  • Adheres to ASME, and other required standards.
  • Save time & money with Process Automation, Valves & Fittings.