Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Horizontal Heat Exchanger

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Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers are effective for the indirect heat transfer between two fluids. The two fluids can be: vapor and liquid or liquid and liquid. We offer proven Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. The shell-and-tube heat exchangers have two primary areas: Shell side and Tube side.

Manufacturing & Construction of Shell & Tube Exchanger:

Main components of the heat exchangers are – Shell, Tube, Baffles, Tube sheet, Tie roads spacers & Channel.

  • Shell – Cylindrical shell can be made from pipes or rolled plate.
  • Tubes – Tubes can be the plain tubes; or tubes' heat transfer surface area is increased by many folds, by corrugated tubes or finned tubes. Heat exchangers with fin tubes are the finned type heat exchangers; Heat exchangers with corrugated tubes are the corrugated type heat exchangers.
  • Tube Sheet – Tubes are securely fitted in the tube sheet, through welding, mechanical or hydraulic expansion.
  • Baffles – Baffles support the tubes, and keep the space between tubes. Also, they channelized the flow of fluid.
  • Tie Rods & Spacers – They secure the baffle assembly together, and keep space between the baffles.
  • Channels (Heads) – Channels or heads are necessary for shell & tube heat exchangers. They help contain the tube side fluid, and give desired flow path.

Applications of Shell & Tube Exchangers:

  • Condensers and Re-boilers
  • Falling Film Evaporators
  • Process Heaters and Coolers

Benefits of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers:

  • Meet ASME, TEMA, and other standards.
  • Special Argon & ARC welding procedures.
  • Provided with fin tube, or corrugated tubes.
  • Designed for higher heat transfer area.
  • Material: Stainless steel or Carbon Steel.
  • Manufactured as per your application needs and specifications.
  • Value-added supply of pipes, valves, fittings & process equipments.